Excel Consulting

Since 1993, Excel has included Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), a programming language based on Visual Basic which adds the ability to automate tasks in Excel and to provide user defined functions (UDF) for use in worksheets. VBA is a powerful addition to Excel. Excel macros are programs reduce the number of steps required to complete tasks and significantly reduce the time users spend creating, formatting, modifying, and printing their spreadsheets. A macro can be as simple as replicating some formatting tasks or as complex as querying information from various data sources through database programming.

Are you faced with any of these challenges?

Need to create an Excel macro to do a major task you have?

Doing a repetitious job in Excel that takes hours or days to do manually?

Been asked to create an Excel macro to solve a major need?

Need to convert raw data into useful Excel format?

Need to create an Excel macro to be used by many people in your company?

Out of time or on a tight timeline?

Need to integrate a number of office applications or databases?

Excel Automation

If you're working on projects that require you to turn spreadsheets and workbooks into powerful business and time-saving tools, then Just Solve IT Group (‘JSIG’) Technology Consulting Services are designed for you. Our JSIG consultants have over twenty years of experience with Excel, going back to the early days of Lotus 123! We can work with you to build an application to suit your requirements perfectly.

JSIG’s talented developers have extensive experience with the creation of financial models, risk management tools, dashboard style reporting suites, or other purpose built solutions which can deploy VBA logic to seamlessly connect to Microsoft Office applications and other external systems (eg: SAP) to provide powerful, dynamic data and workflow solutions.

At JSIG, we provide Excel consulting services through database programming, Excel VBA (macro) automation, data mining, time series forecasting, financial and business modeling. Our Excel consulting services include, but not limited to, database programming, reporting, data manipulation and conversion, database marketing, data audit, data cleaning, data mining and forecasting, data integration, financial modeling, query calculator and tools, customized Excel functions, and spreadsheet design.

Let the spreadsheet work for you rather than against you!

Automate Your Reporting Needs!

Beside the basic Excel data management and reporting tools (which are useful, but sometimes limited), Excel offers a more flexible reporting function through Excel VBA programming to produce powerful automated reporting solutions from any data source.